Meet and Greet

A beautiful functional kitchen begins with the first visit, from this initial meeting we are able to determine your colour palates, design styles and function requirements also with our 20 plus years of optimising space in the Marine background of interiors were able to spot those dead areas that really maximise your space and offer the latest technologies in hardware and systems to make the most of your kitchen without losing style.

With this visit we bring along with us different materials in door and drawer fronts, benchtops and even tile options, by having these elements together were able to discuss the tones with the kitchens environments.


With all the information Provided we then get to work and put a proposal package together for you and outline the estimated costs involved in your kitchen, we will give a detailed breakdown of each component and happily answer any queries in what is being spent and where.

The estimated Quote would come with a very basic kitchen outline design, this design would not be a working drawing but simply a visual image drawing to back up the quote to show you if we are on the right track or if we have understood the brief from our initial meeting with your colour choices.

Acceptance and payment plans

If you’ve made the decision to pursue your kitchen with us that’s great news! We would then need to secure a 50% deposit, this allows to instantly secure all of the materials required to build your kitchen, while these crucial parts of your kitchens are being delivered to us we then get straight to work and getting your working drawings into a visual 3D format for you, the remainder of the 50% is required on a successful completion.

Still unsure or have questions? we can just offer the 3d and 2D drawings that are generally in the region of $1500 to $2000 depending on kitchen size or details, this covers our costs involved in the time to prepare these drawings for you, if you’ve made the decision to continue with us we will deduct the design fees from the kitchen total cost.


Where at the Exciting part! here you get to see your kitchen come to life where you can be sent to you all lifelike images of your kitchen in its details, and if you’re feeling adventurous an App can be downloaded to your device linked to or design software where you are able to zoom in, spin around and really get into your kitchen and visualise yourself standing in it and using it.

With this design period we can make as many tweaks as possible to ensure your completely happy with your kitchen, during this time we compile the 2D drawings for construction proposes and liaise with the electricians and plumbers for you and send them the specifications of the appliances that will be used in the kitchen. Once the drawings have been accepted you will be given a fixed price to your kitchen.

Here are a few samples of past kitchens from design to reality

The Build

Once the drawing has been accepted we are able to start building your kitchen in our workshop, in this process your invited to visit and see your kitchen in real time build, during this period we check all draw and door fronts and connect the cabinets as if it were in your space, at this stage we are able to cut holes for electrical and plumbing services, by achieving all of this, this limits the time on install so the inconvenience of not having a kitchen for a period of time is minimalised, in some instances we will require some of the appliances to fit into the kitchen but more often it’s this time that the appliances would need to be delivered to your home.

Kitchen install and benchtop

Before installing any cabinets indoor or outdoor, the potential areas of your home that maybe damaged during the install of your kitchen are protected more often with our furniture blankets limiting the waste of plastic and carboard into land fill.

Whilst the cabinets and appliances are being installed the priority then turns to the pre-booked benchtop being installed, the benchtop generally takes 10-14 days to manufacture and install after the template date.

After install

Invite friends over and enjoy your new Kitchen!


3D rendering before

Finished kitchen

3D rendering before

Finished kitchen

3D rendering before

Finished kitchen