Love kitchens not only produces kitchens, but we have completed a wide range of other custom pieces ranging from bathrooms and vanities, barn doors, rollaway tables, furniture pieces hanging wall art, even a pizza oven trailer with folding out benches for the ever-popular Hunting Lodge! were into wild ideas so please get in touch be it simple or extravagant.

Barn Doors

Our beautifully hand crafted Barn Doors are designed and custom made to fit your space, You can choose from a range of hardwood timbers and pick a natural oil or paint to finish the door to suit your decor textures and colours.

Our barn doors are grand and solid at 55mm thick making them a  statement piece in your home. Operating on a quiet glide roll system, we use only the strongest American made industrial slide tracks all powder coated steel.

Barn doors all require a track to be bolted correctly into the wall as simple plaster board is not strong enough to support the weight. For all our barn door  during the install we reinforce the wall to accommodate the bolts then add a custom plinth to cover the wall repair and then mount the track onto it . Only the discrete plinth needs to be  match painted to the existing wall colour not the entire wall.

Rollaway Dining Table

We love our dining tables, our customers have found them a fantastic and versatile piece of furniture. Designed for indoor use these tables offer 6 seating with comfortable school style stools. When not in use the stools are  stowed away inside the table on a purpose made ledge creating clean lines in your space.

Made at a standard kitchen bench height of 900mm and set on lockable wheels you are easily able to move it around. Options include extending your existing kitchen bench to create an island effect or breakfast bar, using it as a separate dining table or even move it outside on the deck for an evening meal. Built from the highest quality of plywood from Denmark and Germany we offer a wide range of textures and colours where you can design exactly how you want your table to look and feel.

As these are custom built you have the option to change the height to marry with your existing kitchen counter top and also increase or decrease the amount of seating.

Plywood Art and Furniture

We believe we are pushing plywood beyond its conventional limits and we have commissioned several pieces enjoying the multiple wood grain appearance. For one client they wanted a wall-hung shelf so we set about twisting multiple layers of 4mm birch plywood to form a unique shape with a hidden light to aluminate the shelf.