Like what we offer but not after a full kitchen? Check out a few of our standalone crafts, all hand-made and available ready in a range of dimensions.

Plywood Bathroom Vanities

Let us build your vanity to the exact requirements, Choose your length, width,height and then add the amount of drawers, doors or shelving space you would like. We offer sleek finishes and a wide range of colours in Danish and German Plywood. Displaying crisp end-grain plywood finishes and mitred corners these vanities will be a show piece in any bathroom. We offer installation if required and also have a great range of local suppliers and can help you organise, tap-ware, bowls even copper sinks.

Barn Doors

Our beautifully hand crafted Barn Doors are designed and custom made to fit your space, You can choose from a range of hardwood timbers and pick a natural oil or paint to finish the door to suit your decor textures and colours.

Our barn doors are grand and solid at 55mm thick making them a  statement piece in your home. Operating on a quiet glide roll system, we use only the strongest American made industrial slide tracks all powder coated steel.

Barn doors all require a track to be bolted correctly into the wall as simple plaster board is not strong enough to support the weight. For all our barn door  during the install we reinforce the wall to accommodate the bolts then add a custom plinth to cover the wall repair and then mount the track onto it . Only the discrete plinth needs to be  match painted to the existing wall colour not the entire wall.

Rollaway Dining Table

We love our dining tables, our customers have found them a fantastic and versatile piece of furniture. Designed for indoor use these tables offer 6 seating with comfortable school style stools.When not in use the stools are  stowed away inside the table on a purpose made ledge creating clean lines in your space.

Made at a standard kitchen bench height of 900mm and set on lockable wheels you are easily able to move it around. Options include extending your existing kitchen bench to create an island effect or breakfast bar, using it as a separate dining table or even move it outside on the deck for an evening meal. Built from the highest quality of plywood from Denmark and Germany we offer a wide range of textures and colours where you can design exactly how you want your table to look and feel.

As these are custom built you have the option to change the height to marry with your existing kitchen counter top and also increase or decrease the amount of seating.

Wood Fire Pizza Oven

Our pizza ovens are built to the highest quality standards and built using the latest technology in refactory materials.

We construct your pizza oven over a period of 3 days at your home and then it is rendered in a black charcoal finish contrasting beautifully with the exposed brick arch.

The oven then requires a 7 day period with small to large fires to cure after that period your ready to cook the ultimate roasts or pizzas.

Outdoor Benches

You also have options of adding benches to one or both sides of your oven to create a full outdoor kitchen.

A popular rustic option is our locally sourced macrocarpa bench with a sink and tap and wood storage boxes. We also can offer concrete styled benches for a different look and feel. Options of modern soft close cabinetry painted to your choice of colour can also be designed and installed.

We have excellent suppliers of outdoor bar fridges, sinks and taps.

The Petite kitchen

1x pizza oven with 1x  bench at 1metre long positioned at either side of the pizza oven in either a corner or straight format, comes complete with dry storage fire wood rack, herb garden, comes with pizza peel, rake and a door for the long slow roasts.

The Medium Kitchen

1 x pizza oven with 2 x benches either side at 2.5 metres in length each for the ultimate in cooking space, comes complete with dry wood storage fire wood rack, herb garden and sink with tap, finished off with the pizza peel rake and door.

The Large Kitchen

Our larger kitchens are custom made to your requirements and settings, add in recessed BBQ, Ice bin Drawer, outdoor fridge, bar leaner, or the classic big outdoor fire place!  there are no size limits to your ultimate outdoor kitchen.

Wood Furniture Art

Pushing plywood beyond its conventional limits this beautiful shelf has been twisted and formed into a fluid majestic wall hung piece.

weeping birch plywood and a free flowing end grain frame makes this a one of a kind collectible piece.

Private commissions are welcome.